• CountryUkraine
  • Date of birth22.02.1999
  • Height175 cm
  • Weight55 kg

1st place in the Ukrainian Supermoto Cup, "Junior" class, KTM SX 65

1 st place in the "MoTo Tarakan Trophy 2011", "Junior" class, KTM SX 65


2nd place in the Supermoto Championship, class "Junior"

1 st place in the Ukrainian Aquabike Championship, class "Junior"

3rd place in the final stage of the Motocross Cup of Crimea, KTM SX 85


1st place in the Ukrainian SuperMoto Championship, class "Junior"

2nd place in the Ukrainian aquabike Championship, class "Junior"


2nd place in the first stage of the Russian Superbike Championship, class Superstock 600 (Honda CBR 600)

2nd place in the first stage of the Superbike national championship of Tatarstan, class SuperSport (Honda CBR 600)

3rd place in the National SuperMoto Championship, class Open

Winner of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Selection Event


Rider of RedBull MotoGP Rookies Cup: best result - 16th place at the Czech Grand Prix

Rider of the Campeonato de España de Velocidad (CEV) championship: best result - 8th place at the Aragon Grand Prix

Entered into the Ukrainian Book of Records: "Ukrainian breakthrough in MotoGP"


Champion of Ukraine "UASBK", class Superstock-600

Rider of the RedBull MotoGP Rookies Cup: best result - 8th place at the Dutch Grand Prix


Racer of the FIM Supersport 300 World Championship 2017 (part of the FIM Superbike World Championship) in italian team MotoXracing

3rd place at Italian Grand Prix of the FIM Supersport 300 World Championship 2017

One of six riders in the world who were chosen to participate in Yamaha’s development program: bLU cRU 2017

One of six riders in the world of prestigious 4th Yamaha VR46 Master Camp on the ranch of motorsport legend – Valentino Rossi

One of six riders in the world of prestigious 4th Yamaha VR46 Master Camp on the ranch of motorsport legend – Valentino Rossi

Top ten racer of the FIM Supersport 300 World Championship 2017 in overall standing

Champion of Ukraine in National Superbike Championship, class Supersport - 600


Racer of the FIM Supersport 300 World Championship 2018 on board of Kawasaki Ninja 300 with the experienced GP Project Team from Italy

"why I have a passion for motorcycles? It's in my blood. My father was one of the most successful motorcycle racers of Ukraine. Since childhood, I traveled with him to competitions, and when 9 years old got my first bike and went, I realized that I want to connect my life with motorcycles. Ring, supermoto, motocross or even a jetski – it doesn't matter... I get incredible pleasure from speed, straight lines and corners. Stories is my passion."

Nikita Kalinin began career in motocross. First race and first fight for the inhabitant of Odessa took place in Bolgrad on a motocross track in the class 65сс. He took 4-th place, and this result gave him the desire to grow, to fight for the podium and win. Shortly after the first race there followed a series of championship titles in the Championship of Ukraine. In 12 years he won his first title in the Ukrainian Cup supermoto in class "Junior" on the bike, KTM SX 65, and also won the popular competition "MoTo Cockroach Trophy 2011" in the Junior category on the same motorcycle. Very memorable was a racer, 2012 and 2013. Nikita brought back from the Ukrainian championship victories and podiums at motocross, which allowed him to become the double champion of the country among juniors, and he added to his piggy Bank wins national title aquabike. In 2014, Kalinin began his journey in round of racing, taking second place in the Championship of Russia in the first race of the season in Kazan in the class STK600.

"Each race is a separate story, which makes you stronger. The toughest race of my career took place in the second phase of the champion of Ukraine on supermoto in 2013. I fought the current champion of Ukraine. Speed, mutual overtaking... we so engrossed in our battle, have lost sight of another competitor. While we were fighting, as we then thought, in the first place - he made his way to the top. It was a race to the limit, to regain the lead I was only on the last lap. Bright fight always brings the fun and racers and spectators. At the time, I won both races"

After Ukraine and Russia, the dedication and talent Kalinina began to bring stable results, he decided to continue to progress on the international arena. Despite the lack of experience in continental and world Championships on highway-ring motorcycle racing in October 2014, Nikita was selected from over 2000 applicants to participate in qualifying tests of the championship of the Junior MotoGP series. After a strict selection with the 11th best young motorcycle racers of the planet Kalinin joined the participants of the RedBull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2015. In this fight, he managed to bypass the representatives of the established favorites in the world of racing, such as Spain, Italy, and announced himself as a bright, albeit not until the end of the cut, talent.

"I was walking to the start, step by step, and all this time dad handed me his experience. A large role was played by the fact that while I trained, gained experience and went out, believed in me and helped me Ukrainian team "Arda-Moto" and Russian - "Motorola." When you get behind, there are people who support you is always extra incentive and extra power on the track. Especially understand how important it is, when you get to this level of competition. Competition for selection was very high: some racers had 5-10 seasons in circuit racing, and there were those who not the first or even the second time came to fight for a place in the championship. During the qualifying races my result was on 6-7-th position of the 109-year athletes that allowed me to become one of the 12 best riders who join the list of participants of the championship Rookies Cup".

In the RedBull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2015 Nikita Kalinin spent 13 races. The best result from Odessa became the 16th place on the stage in Brno, Czech Republic In parallel with the main world championship among juniors Nikita took part in the championship Campeonato de Espana de Velocidad (CEV), which showed the best result of the Slavic riders in the history of the Spanish championship the 8-th place.

"I imagined what competition is waiting for me, but imagine is one thing, reality is another. In the first season it is difficult to achieve results in an unfamiliar tracks, but despite this, the year was very interesting with UPS and downs, intense struggle and dangerous falls. I had enough races to be proud of, for example, in Brno or the rain start in Silverstone. I wish I could earn points, but the knowledge that I have gained in the fight against more experienced opponents, will help me in the near future. The main lesson I learned from "Rookies Cup 2015": your opponent is yourself, and you have to strain every sinew in all conditions."

After the end of his debut season in the Junior championship MotoGP Nikita Kalinin received an invitation from the Directorate of the competition to continue its participation in the RedBull Rookies Cup 2016.