Drama in Portugal: Nick Kalinin struck by Italian in fight for World Championship points
Drama in Portugal: Nick Kalinin struck by Italian in fight for World Championship points 17.09.2018

Drama in Portugal: Nick Kalinin struck by Italian in fight for World Championship points

On September 16th in Portimao, during the weekend of the World Superbikes, was the seventh stage of the World Championship: World Supersport 300. Ukrainian Nick Kalinin, despite having problems with the bike during all three days, fought for points until the end.
Due to the mistake of the Italian motorcycle rider Luca Bernardi at the end of the race, the 19-year-old racer from Odessa could have finished the weekend with a serious injury. After the fall, Bernardi's bike flew into Nick Kalinin with a speed of over 200 kilometers per hour. Involved in the impact was Nick’s previously seriously injured leg, obtained in Imola. Fortunately, for the fans of the Odessan, the doctor did not find a fracture and Nick Kalinin will be able to perform at the next stage of the World Championship.

Nick Kalinin # 22: “Thank you all for your support, I'm ok and without injuries! It was the most difficult weekend in the last two years. From the beginning, we had difficulties: the cancellation of one flight, the delay of a new one and my bag with a piece of equipment did not come to Portugal. All these are trivialities that we decided on the spot, but even such a small change as new gloves, and in my case, it was the gloves of other brand and model - they affect the work on the bike, and therefore the overall result.

In training, I had problems with the clutch. In the first training session it burned down after only four laps, and I could not continue the session, and in the evening - even after the changes on the bike - the situation was repeated. Therefore, we had only a 15-minute qualification and 10-minute warm-up to work with. This was not enough, for the first time in two years I was riding on such a limit and could not find the right pace. I had 21st as a starting position and already from there I began fighting for the top 15. By the last lap I caught up with the group, which fought for 11th position, and knew where I can overtake rivals. But unexpectedly in front of me fell the Italian motorcycle racer. I tried to dodge and not hit him, avoid injuries for him. But it turned out that his bike flew at me at full speed. It’s just good that after an examination the doctor did not find any injuries, this is the most important thing.

On the one hand, it's a weekend to forget; but on the other - for me now it will be important to analyze and understand what are the problems in the work of the motorcycle, why it appeared right now and eliminate it by the next round. We will work on returning to the fight for the podium, that's why I'm here!”.

The last stage of the WorldSupersport 300 World Championship will be held on September 30th in France.


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