Qatar overcome: Kalinin for the second time in his career achieves top 10 in overall standings of the World Championship
Qatar overcome: Kalinin for the second time in his career achieves top 10 in overall standings of the World Championship 26.10.2019

Qatar overcome: Kalinin for the second time in his career achieves top 10 in overall standings of the World Championship

On October 26thin Qatar, the Losail International Circuit track hosted the final stage of the World Superbike championship with the Supersport 300 class. The debut for Nick Kalinin in a unique racing atmosphere brought the 20-year-old rider the 15th result; one point, which allowed him to secure his position in the top ten riders of the category.

The weekend for the only representative of the German team "Nutec - RT Motorsports by SKM - Kawasaki" in Qatar did not start easily. Due to bad weather in Odessa, Nick Kalinin arrived in Qatar more than a day later than planned and missed the opportunity of necessary familiarization with the new track. It was an important moment, as some of the pilots already had an experience on the unusual track in the desert, and the rest were able to see the circuit on Wednesday. Kalinin could not inspect the track before practice on Thursday, and had to immediately head into the racing session.

The unique Losail International Circuit desert track has 16 turns: 10 right turns and 6 left. The high-speed corners raised questions for Kalinin, which he tried to solve throughout the weekend. The second difficult moment that Nick faced was the strong heat. The temperature in Qatar these days reaches almost 40 degrees, so traditionally races were held in the evening under the light of floodlights.
In qualifying, 20-year-old rider was able to earn the 5th starting row. Immediately after the start, Nick began the fight to approach the leading group. Suddenly, in the first lap, Kalinin felt a strong blow to the rear of the motorcycle, which carried him outside of the track. The Ukrainian returned to the fight in 23rd place, but could not get closer to his usual lap time. As discovered after the race, as a result of the crash of several riders, another pilot flew into the rear of the Nick’s motorcycle and severely damaged the rear wheel of the Kalinin bike. The tire had no grip with the track and did not allow it to go into a normal rhythm. The rider was no longer able to catch up with the leaders, but was able to return almost ten positions, finishing 15th and earning an important point in the overall standings.

Nick Kalinin #22: “It was a difficult race, and a difficult weekend, but I completed the minimum task at least - I’m in the top 10 of the World Championship by the end of the year. Of course, before the start of the Qatar weekend, my goal was only to win, but when I was taken off the track in the first lap, my motorcycle was badly damaged and I could no longer ride normally, I had to fight for what was important at that moment. With a bent wheel, I almost caught a few tough highsides while I was trying to get my pace back to what I had over the weekend. Then I realized that this was unrealistic and decided to fight for the overall points. It was important for me to finish the season in the top 10, this is the result not only of mine, but of the whole Nutec - RT Motorsports by SKM - Kawasaki team, my personal team, sponsors and fans.

In general, I am happy with how I spent the season. If we continue to progress, move forward, eliminate the problems that sometimes hindered us during this year, then the championship title is not a dream, it is a real goal for 2020.

Thanks to ALL who support me, on the track and at home. See you next season. ”

Thus, for the second time in his career, Nick Kalinin completed the season in the top 10 of the World Championship. The best result of the Ukrainian was the podium at the world championship stage in Britain, where the rider Kawasaki started 31st and managed to return 28 positions to the checkered flag.


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